Feb 14, 2020

Secret report on protestors: 50 who trained at Scotland Yard to Colombo Featured

The intelligence services has handed over a secret report on the protestors who participated in protests around Colombo, it is reported. 

The Aruna Newspaper reported that these protests are being organised with the aim of destabilising the country.

It was also reported that a group of 50 police officers who had undergone special training at Scotland Yard had been brought to Colombo from yesterday (12).

This special team of police officers include an ASP and they had undergone special training at Scotland Yard with the assistance of the British Government.

It has been revealed that from February 01 to this week, 41 protests had been organised.

It has been revealed that these protests are being organised by a political hand based on the agenda of a foreign country and organisations aiming at taking hold of political control of the universities.

During a protest in Colombo during the previous regime, students were attacked and their heads were cracked during the HNDE students protest. Thereafter, the previous government and the British Government had facilitated the training of a team including an ASP, two Chief Inspectors and others in Scotland Yard and at the Kalutara Training School.

However, the previous regime had not obtained the services of this specially trained team. In fact, Sri Lanka had been criticised for it in the British Parliament as well. This British Government had provided the financial assistance for the training of this special police team.