Feb 15, 2020

Special service at Kochchikade church to bless victims of  COVID-19

Members of the congregation at the Dewatagaha Mosque near Town Hall, offered special prayers soon after the Jumma yesterday (14) to show their solidarity to the countries affected by the COVID-19 and to invoke the blessings of Almighty Allah for the well-being of the world population.

MP S.M. Marikkar had made the arrangements following a suggestion given by Sri Lanka-china Journalists’ Forum.

Sri Lanka-China Journalists’ Forum engaged in special Buddhist religious ceremonies with the participation of officials attached to Embassy of the People's Republic of China to invoke blessings to people affected by the COVID-19.
Meanwhile, the St. Anthony's Church in Kochchikade will be conducting a service  today (15 Feb) for the countries affected by the COVID-19  virus.

It is also organized by the Sri Lanka-China Journalists’ Forum and the service will be conducted by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith.

The Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka Mr. Cheng Xueyuan is also expected to attend the event.

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