Feb 17, 2020

Attorney Anil de Silva-Judge Sisira de Abrew to the CID! Featured

The CID is preparing to record statements from Senior Attorney Anil de Silva and Judge Sisira de Abrew over the controversial telephone recordings of MP Ranjan Ramanayake, it is reported.

This is due to their names being mentioned during Judge Parmini Ranawaka’s two and a half hour statement to the CID.

It was revealed in Ranjan Ramanayake’s telephone recordings that during the case against Duminda de Silva, when the verdict was being given Attorney Anil de Silva had stood up from his seat and rebuked High Court Judge Padmini Ranawaka. Hence, during Ranawaka’s statement, she had questioned whether Anil de Silva’s actions does not also amount to influencing the judiciary.

This is said to be the reason the CID had summoned Attorney Anil de Silva.

The link to the relevant recording is shown below.