Feb 17, 2020

Report on Sri Lankan irregularities to CoPE! Featured

A COPE Committee member had requested the report of the Special Committee appointed by the previous president to probe corruption, fraud and misuse of public property of Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lankan Catering and Mihin Lanka, be handed over to the CoPE Committee, according to parliament sources.

The presidential commission was appointed to investigate the irregularities alleged to have taken place at Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lankan Catering and Mihin Lanka between 06 January 2006 to 31 January 2018.

The former President had appointed this special committee in March 2018 comprising lawyers and had given them legal provisions to investigate these corruptions. This committee comprised eight members headed by Additional Solicitor General Presidents Counsel Neil Unambuwe.

However, despite the special commission report being handed over to the Presidential Secretariat, so far it has not been publicized.

The COPE Committee is scheduled to meet on February 19th and they are expected to focus attention on this report, according to parliament sources.