Feb 18, 2020

SLBC Lotus bud Chairman clash with Minister Bandula

A heated exchange of words had occurred between Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena and the Lotus bud Union President Susantha Karunasinghe during the SLBC Commercial Service programme Subharathi.

It is reported that Minister Gunawardena had lost his temper with Susantha over his public stance in transferring 17 SLBC employees and had reprimanded Susantha.

Then the Union Leader had told the minister that he was one of the people who had carried out a huge task in the President’s victory through the SLPP. The Minister had responded by saying that he was one of the pioneering members of the party.

However, when we contacted Susantha regarding this incident, he denied that such an incident had taken place and added that the minister was a long standing close friend and that he had even participated in a function organised by Minister Bandula the previous day.

Meanwhile, the SLBC workers had written to the President regarding the irregularities taking place at the SLBC and in their letter they had severely criticised the union leader.

The relevant letter is shown below.

(The offensive wordings have been removed as it is unethical to publish them.)