Feb 19, 2020

Problem aggravates, 300,000 students addicted to drugs! Featured

It has been revealed that 295,872 students under the age of 18 are addicted to using heroin, Cannabis, pills, cigarettes or other forms of intoxicants.

According to DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon, this figure had been derived through information received by the police based on the various crimes related to the use of drugs.

All complaints regarding such drug related activities could be reported on 0777128128.

Police officer at every school

The Education Ministry, Police and the Dangerous Drugs Control Board have come together to conduct special awareness programmes in order to educate school children on the dangerous effects of drug use and prevent them from using drugs.

Accordingly, as the first stage of this awareness programme, 49 schools in the Colombo District had been identified as those with the highest number of drug usage and the special awareness programme was initiated yesterday (18) under the theme ‘A secure tomorrow’.