Feb 20, 2020

Sri Lanka airport’s US$500mn expansion deal won by Japan’s Taisei

Sri Lanka’s cabinet of ministers had cleared the award of a contract valued at over 500 million US dollar expand Sri Lanka’s main airport in Katunayake to Japan’s Taisei Corporation, to boost capacity, the state information office said.

The contract is worth 41.55 billion Japanese yen and 35.135 billion rupees (about 565 million US dollars) and involves the Stage II, package A of the contract.

Under the project a new multi-level terminal building, two new piers and a link course will be built.

Sri Lanka’s main international airport in Katunayake is already operating over capacity.

The expansion will add the capacity to handle 9 million more passengers a year.

The airport is handling over 6 million passengers now though it was built to handle around 5 million persons a year.