Mar 16, 2020

'Medical staff needs 1000 disposable protective suits daily'

A daily supply of a 1000 disposable protective suits are required by hospitals in Sri Lanka to treat Covid-19 patients, Director of the Medical Supplies Division - Dr Kapila Wickramanayake says.
The requirement would increase if the disease reaches epidemic levels, he adds.
Speaking to the 'Aruna' newspaper, Dr. Wickramanayake says that the supplies are currently purchased from the State Pharmaceutical Corporation and requests for additional supplies have already been made to the WHO and the International Red Cross.
Noting that the suits are disposed after a single use, Dr Kapila Wickramanayake said that over 10 suits are required to examine one patient daily.
The Medical Supplies Division has been supplying these suits round the clock, as per demands of hospitals, reports say.