Mar 21, 2020

Medical staff lack necessary equipment and suits Featured

Samantha Koralearachchi, President of All Ceylon Health Services Union Federation says that it is very important to provide the necessary facilities to the medical staff who care for the patients who are infected with COVID 19.

“ The hospital system, the healthcare staff, and the MOH office must be managed properly first. We can see that it has not been managed properly yet. In an epidemic situation like this there are necessary equipment and suits used to contain it. None of those have been provided where needed. Instead a task force has been established.We see that health staff has been specially trained in order face situations like this.But some have not been trained and those should be trained. A proper strategy should be implemented with the use of a task force or anything.

We know that healthcare staff and specially the doctors has the knowledge to intervene with the intervention of the government ,health sector and epidemiology unit. The trade unions are also a part of it. No discussions have been done with the unions. They might have had discussions with the union which are friendly with the government.Military personnel have been deployed at many areas in the country. The intervention of the military is necessary. There is nothing wrong with using military officers to suppress corona. But military personnel should be subordinates of the doctors or the military officials should be allocated to act upon the advice of the team intervening in this situation.

Now we don't see such a systematic method. There could be a conflict here. The Epidemiology Unit should be the responsible authority. They need a military team that operates according to their plan. It is not appropriate to hand over the combat of the coronavirus to the army.It is not a systematic way. Other sectors should be  supporting the health care. There is nothing wrong with that."