Mar 25, 2020

Govt. urged to consider evacuation of Lankans in Myanmar

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Myanmar has requested the Sri Lankan government to consider the evacuation of Sri Lankans living in the country.

According to a communique sent out to Sri Lankan ex-pats living in Myanmar today (24), the Embassy has said it has requested the Sri Lankan government to consider the COVID-19 disease spread as an exceptional situation given the condition of healthcare and strategies to combat the disease in Myanmar.  

In the communique, the Embassy notes that 210 Sri Lankans are currently residing in the country. It also requested those whose information has not been updated with the Sri Lankan Embassy to contact its office should they wish to evacuate if given the opportunity.

The Embassy has also assured to accept requests of Sri Lankans in Myanmar in relation to the possible evacuation and work with the relevant authorities to formulate a plan.

Following today’s reports that two Covid 19 infected patients have been discovered in Myanmar, the Embassy has been receiving a number of requests from Sri Lankan ex-pats seeking its help to facilitate their return to Sri Lanka.


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