Mar 26, 2020

Another Covid19 patient in critical condition Featured

Another patient tested positive for Covid19 has been admitted to the IDH hospital's ICU in critical condition, hospital sources say.

This brings the number of critical Covid19 patients treated at the ICU to three.

Speaking, Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) Physician, Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama said that three Covid-19 patients are being treated at the hospital ICU in a moderately critical condition.

However, he said that they hoped that they would be able to discharge two other patients, if their reports confirm they have fully recovered.

So far, there have been 102 cases of Covid-19, no fatalities and three recoveries.

However, health authorities stated that no new cases were reported yesterday (25).

3nd group of quarantined returnees to be releasedA batch of 163 persons who had completed the 14 days quarantine period will be released from Quarantine Centres today (26), Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said.Addressing the media at the National Operation Centre, he said that 163 persons will be released in this manner.

So far, nearly 3,000 persons were being cared for at 46 quarantine centres islandwide, he added.Death toll over 20,000 There are now more than 470,000 recorded infections worldwide.

The number of global deaths is more than 21,270 while over 114,000 people have recovered.

The US has 66,132 confirmed cases - an increase of more than 10,000 in one day.