Mar 29, 2020

Shortage of main essential food items Featured

Following the 21-day lockdown of India, the government of Sri Lanka is facing difficulties in maintaining a smooth supply of several essential food items, reports say.

Wholesale trade units in Pettah, Colombo warn that it is highly likely that a shortage of several products imported from India (such as dhal, red onions, potatoes, chillies and some other spices) could occur.

Although it is usually possible to import products like dhal and red onions from countries like Turkey or Canada in such a backdrop, it is not possible to do so at the present, due to the prevailing Covid-19 global crisis.

Meanwhile, it is also said that continuing supplies of tinned fish from Thailand has become a problem as well, as the country has informed the Colombo Wholesalers' Association that exports cannot continue.

Also, no supplier had come forward to take up the Tender called to bring down 200 MT of potatoes from India.