Mar 29, 2020

Things will get worse - Boris Johnson

The number of people who have died with coronavirus in the UK has now reached 1,019, with a further 260 deaths announced on Saturday.

In Europe, the number of people killed by the virus has risen above 20,000, with both Italy and Spain reporting more than 800 deaths in one day.

Australia’s Health Minister has said there are “positive early signs” that the growth in cases is starting to slow. The rate of new infections in Australia has halved over the past week.

Tokyo has confirmed 68 new coronavirus cases, Japan's record daily increase, broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday.

Meanhwile, US President Trump has backed down after saying he is considering a quarantine on New York and two other states.

In two days, the number of US deaths have doubled to more than 2,000.

UK PM Boris Johnson meanwhile, in a letter to UK households, has warned things will get worse.

On Saturday, a top UK official said the UK "will have done very well" if it kept deaths below 20,000.