Apr 05, 2020

President to set fresh date for Gen. election

In a gazette extraordinary issued on April 26, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is to announce a fresh date for the Gen. election, which was postponed indefinitely, top government sources say.

However, ahead of this, the president will obtain a report from the medical experts on the prevailing situation of the country.

In a special letter last Monday, the Chairman of the Elections Commission had urged the president to consult the Supreme Court with regard to the date of the Gen. election.

Accordingly, the president has sought necessary legal advice and the Presidential Secretariat had subsequently informed the Elections Commission that the president will consult the Supreme Court only if the election cannot be held on the newly announced date as well.

However, the Elections Commission has convened a special meeting on April 19 to discuss the prevailing situation and take necessary steps.

(Source : Deshaya)

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