Apr 05, 2020

Shanghai takes strict measures to prevent import of  COVID-19 

East China's Shanghai is taking strict measures at ports and airports to prevent the import of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. 
All arrivals to Shanghai are required to do nucleic acid testing and be quarantined for 14 days. 
The Pudong International Airport has set up a closed-loop epidemic prevention and control mechanism with special grounding place, special dispersal passage, special screening and testing and special transfer vehicles for international flights. 
Anyone who is found with symptoms will be transfered to designated fever clinics for further screening with special vehicles. 
"We try to be fast in diagnosis, treatment, testing, reporting and clearing. We are designating hospitals to receive more patients, so that they can get effective diagnosis and treatment in a stable and orderly manner," said Wang Peng, an official of Health Commission of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. 
For those who show no symptom, the airport has set up 16 gathering and departing areas pairing to the 16 districts of Shanghai. The international arrivals are transfered with special vehicles by special staff to quarantine sites. 
There are 476 people under quarantine at the fifth medical observation site of Pudong New Area, including 39 foreigners, who are intended by a 30-member team consisting of disease control, health supervision and medical workers. 
"I said there are people on duty 24 hours a day. So don't worry, and don't be scared. I told them from today on, I am the doctor to take care of you exclusively," said Pan Hongfen, a doctor at the fifth medical observation site of Pudong New Area. 
"I said to my friends that those at the frontline are working very hard. This is what I've seen with my own eyes. They barely have time to take a rest. I think they are very great. They are our saviors," said one of people who are under medical observation.