Apr 06, 2020

Country to face 2 crises - Shiral

Former Presidential Advisor - Attorney-at-Law Shiral Lakthilaka says that the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic has lead to two crises in the country.

In a Facebook post, he explains that parliament is the institution that provides approval for the administration of public finances.

One crisis is the lack of a parliament and this will lead to the other crisis which is the lack of a space for public finances to be approved, he says. Overcoming these crises and securing funds required to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic and the socio-economic issues that follow, will be the challenge, he adds.

Noting that the government has no provisions to spend Treasury funds after April 20, Mr. Laktilake says that overriding this would be a dictatorial move as it contradicts the constitution.

Therefore, re-convening parliament was an essential prerequisite for the rule of law and for financial discipline in the country, he adds.

Once parliament is re-convened, it must act in a by-partisan manner, and not on party decisions, he emphasises.

He further said that being unable to live in a law abiding society and falling prey to the Covid-19 epidemic were both sides of the same coin.

His Facebook post is as follows :
FB post