Apr 08, 2020

Family removed from Beruwala is in Diyatalawa - Army

Military spokesman Brigadier Chandana Wickremasinghe says that the family of four who had reportedly removed from the area on April 05 without informing the Chief Medical Officer or the Public Health Inspector (APO) of Beruwala, are currently at the Diyatalawa Quarantine Center.

Earlier, media reports cited that the family was taken by the army.

The Army spokesman said that they were taken away after a person connected to the family was tested positive for Covid-19.
He also said that some decisions will be taken based on sensitive facts they receive and that health officials and media should act responsibly with regard to such incidents.

Noting that the military is working with great commitment, Brigadier Wickremasinghe said that it is inappropriate to publicize these incidents from a wrong perspective.
The Chief Medical Officer of Beruwala, Dr. Waruna Seneviratne had previously told the media that attempts to contact top military officers to obtain information had been futile.

With Beruwala designated as a high risk zone and placed in quarantine under the observation of PHIs, health authorities are responsible for all families in the area, Dr. Seneviratne had said.

He had added that in such a backdrop, removing an entire family from the area without their knowledge was a serious matter.
This also affects the trust between the residents and himself as he was criticised for the measure.

Although they are cooperative with the military, Dr. Seneviratne said that he is unhappy with such incidents as the military should have informed him if they withdrew a family for some reason.
Dr. Seneviratne says that according to his knowledge, no one in the family had been infected with Covid-19 but only a relative had been tested positive for the disease.

(Source - Anidda)