Apr 10, 2020

"Will take action if complaints are lodged against Dr. Dissanayake's post"

Police media spokesman  Superintendent of Police Jaliya Seneviratne says that legal action would be taken if complaints are lodged over the Facebook post by Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake, the Director of Maharagama Apeksha Hospital.

The post, which had referred to a patient as a walking bomb had also mentioned the patient's nationality, sparking controversy.

Noting that it cannot be immediately told that a post belonged to a certain person just because it appeared on Facebook, SP Seneviratne says that if they receive a complaint on this regard, they will look into the matter and take necessary action.

Sometimes, mistakes could occur due to pressure at such a situation, SP Seneviratne had noted.

The incident emerged after a cancer patient had reportedly come to the Apeksha hospital on April 03 and was later revealed to be a Covid-19 patient. The patient had explained to hospital staff about his medical history and also noted that a family in his home area had been quarantined. He had arrived at the Apeksha hospital because he is a cancer patient.

However, he was deeply criticised on media by the hospital director, referring to the patient as a walking bomb.

At the present, the Sri Lanka Young Journalists' Association has complained about Dr. Dissanayake's post to the Sri Lanka Medical Council and Health ministry secretary - Badrani Jayawardena.

The complaint notes that it is a serious matter for a medical professional to reveal patient details in a backdrop where the Director General of Health Services had even informed not to reveal the identity of patients.

Noting that Dr. Dissanayake's post incites hate, the association urges to look into the matter and take appropriate action.

(Source : Anidda)