Apr 13, 2020

Sri Lanka to usher in the Sinhala & Tamil New Year

Sri Lankans across the country will today usher in the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

A significant national festival, the Sinhala and Tamil New Year signifies the dawn of a new beginning with age-old traditional customs and rituals, sweetmeats, fun and games and gifts for near and dear ones.

Religious observances are also an integral part of this annual national event, especially during the ‘Punya Kalaya’ or ‘Nonagathaya’ when all business and work-related activities come to a halt.

The New Year will dawn at 8:23 this evening.

According to the ‘Neketh seettuwa’, the inauspicious time will be between 1:59 this afternoon and 2:47 tomorrow morning.

During the latter part of the inauspicious period, it is advisable to be involved in New Year rituals such as the commencement of work, transactions and partaking of meals.

The lighting of the hearth will take place at 10:05 this evening clad in white colour attire facing the East while preparing milk rice, accompanied by aggala and sweets made of sesame seed.

The auspicious time to partake in meals is set at 10:43pm.

The anointing of oil in the New Year will be marked on the 15th of April at 09:17am.

The auspicious time to leave for work falls on the 17th of April at 7.56am dressed in light blue clothing.

However, due to the prevailing climate in the country, the government has requested the general public to celebrate the New Year only with the family members and to limit outdoor activities.