Feb 07, 2017

Anoma Fonseka violates circular in obtaining Montero Featured

Chairperson of Ranaviru Seva Authority Anoma Fonseka has obtained a Mitsubishi Montero V98W XSR worth around Rs. 15 million in violation of a Finance Ministry circular.

The circular in question allows heads of state institutions to obtain vehicles on lease with a maximum monthly installment of Rs. 119,500.

However, Rs. 255,784 has to be paid for the jeep obtained by Anoma, the wife of minister Sarath Fonseka.

She has got approval for this leasing installment by submitting a letter to the Defence Ministry procurement committee.

Given below is the letter:

AnomaDoc 001

This is what the finance ministry circular states:

AnomaDoc 002

AnomaDoc 0022

Following is how Ranaviru Seva Authority has paid for the leasing facility for the vehicle obtained from Central Finance, Vauxhall Street, Colombo.

Doc 003