Apr 23, 2020

Red bills distributed amid curfew

It is reported that consumers in several areas have received power disconnection notices (Red bills) although the entire country is at a near standstill due to the prevailing Covid-19 epidemic.

On April 09, minister of Power and Energy - Mahinda Amaraweera said that the grace period for settling electricity bills have been extended until April 30.

It was also reported that the minister has advised the Ceylon Electricity Board to ensure that consumers will not face disconnection during this grace period.

Meanwhile, in a communique on March 22, the the Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) said they have decided to "suspend the non-payment disconnection of electricity connections of customers in their licensed area due to the prevailing situation in the country."

Regardless, the issuance of disconnection notices would only be an added worry to the already hassled consumers, with many facing financial hardships at this juncture.

Such a red bill issued is as follows :

CEBBill1 670px 20 04 23