Apr 28, 2020

Situation may worsen unless curfew is extended - GMOA

Secretary of the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) Dr. Haritha Aluthge says that there are about 800 Navy personnel who have gone on leave and if there were around 10 contacts per sailor, around 8,000 patients may be reported in the future.

Noting that the country has reached a new turning point with the outbreak at the Welisara base, Dr. Haritha Aluthge pointed out that the curfew should remain for another two weeks time.
He further states:

Currently, patients are being reported from areas which previously been deemed as safe. 

There is a sailor from Nochchiyagama whose father is a farmer. The father is a leading farmer who had distributed fertilizer to the entire town. So he had come to contact with around 400 people.  Also, a sailor in Hambantota has had about 200 personal contacts. We have to find all these people and it will take at least two weeks to do so.

(Source : Aruna)