May 08, 2020

President's order to dissolve parliament, now invalid Featured

If the new parliament cannot be convened before June 02, it will legally invalidate the President's dissolution order, says TNA media spokesman M.A. Sumanthiran.

When the President makes such an order under Article 70 of the Constitution, and if such an occasion takes place six months before the parliament's term officially ends, the President is empowered to do so under several conditions, he adds.

Speaking further on these conditions he said :

"For this order to be issued, it is also necessary to unveil an election date and the date when parliament will commence again. If the order is made with one of these two dates missing, the order is nullified."

Also, under section 70 (5) (c) the date when parliament recommences, there is another condition that can be changed. That is, the date of recommencing parliament can be changed on a separate instance. However, it also notes a new date should be announced before the elapse of three months. This has been included with the basic fact that the country is unable to run without a parliament functioning for 03 months. Therefore, if this procedure cannot be followed for some reason, the order dissolving parliament is cancelled.

According to the present situation, Parliament cannot be convened on June 02, and therefore, the president's order on March 02 is as good as canceled, he says.

(Source - Ravaya)