May 17, 2020

'The Guardian' takes down Eelam question after SL demands retraction Featured

The online edition of the Guardian newspaper has taken down a question it asked about islands around the world after the Sri Lankan government objected to a question related to Sri Lanka and demanded a retraction.

Colombo’s envoy to London High Commissioner Saroja Sirisena wrote to the editors of the newspaper after seeing a question in a travel quiz which read ‘Eelam is an indigenous name for which popular holiday island?’

The question was a part of the quiz titled “Travel quiz: do you know your islands, Man Friday?” published on the web edition of The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom on Friday, 15 May 2020.

Among the answers to this question, Sri Lanka has been listed as one of the choices and when one selects Sri Lanka as the answer, whilst indicating it as the correct answer, a further description ‘the full name of the island’s recent military insurgency was LTTE – Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam’ appears.

Sirisena in her letter said that the word Eelam was used by the LTTE to propagate their ideology of a separate state in Sri Lanka and that it has never been used as an indigenous term for the country.