May 18, 2020

Vigneswaran hindered from attending commemorative event

A commemoration was held today (11) in Mullivaikkal in memory of those who had died in the area 11 years ago from the war.

In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic, the event had been a low key one with a relatively low number in attendance.

Tamil politicians as well as civilians resettled in the area were among those who were present.

Meanwhile, the 'Asian Tribune' website reports that many attendees were prevented from attending the event after being made to turn back by military checkpoints.

According to the website, those who have been turned back include Chief minister of the North - C.V. Vigneswaran and former member of the Northern Provincial Council - N.K. Sivajilingam.

Police warns Vigneswaran, Sivajilingam at Chemmani

Meanwhile, according to a news bulletin of 'Ada Derana' former Chief minister of the North - C.V. Vigneswaran was also turned back by the police when he had attended to commemorate the dead in Chemmani.

Police had asked him to turn back as a court order has been issued to stop the commemoration at the venue.

Accordingly, he had left the venue. However, he had later commemorated the dead at his party office in Jaffna.

However, soon after Vigneswaran's departure, N.K. Sivajilingam had arrived at the venue and proceeded with with the commemoration, despite the police warning that they will have to place him in quarantine if he continues.

The news bulletin is as follows :

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