May 21, 2020

MoH officials carry out equipment racket amid Covid-19 Featured

Details of a racket has now come to light where high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Health are taking measures to import medical equipment worth millions of rupees, as Covid-19 emergency purchases.

The 'Aruna' newspaper has reported on this regard as follows : 

The most recent incident was reported from the Angoda IDH hospital.

Hospital authorities have thwarted attempts to hand over CT scanner, which had been among the stock of medical equipment brought to them without consulting the requirements of hospital staff.

After being rejected, the scanner was taken to the Homagama hospital on May 19 but was reportedly forced to be left in the premises as the hospital lacks even the minimal infrastructure needed to use it.

The mobile scanner was obtained as an emergency purchase  through a programme which purchases equipment to the Ministry of Health under a Chinese loan. The mobile scanner, worth millions of rupees, is the first of its kind obtained for Sri Lanka, reports add.

Health authorities point out a mobile CT scanner is not as good as when using a usual CT scanner.

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that there was a plan to purchase air purifiers worth Rs. 300 million without any request from hospital staff.

According to details revealed, the officials involved had made it possible for a company affiliated to them to obtain the stock.

Also, Radiologists have objected to a similar attempt to purchase 24 mobile x-ray machines.

Further, another attempt to purchase four dialysis machines under the guise of Covid-19 emergency response, has also been revealed.

(Source - Aruna)