May 30, 2020

Plan to bring 5,000 to Thondaman's funeral! Featured

The Ministry of Health has ordered the immediate cancellation of the arrangement to accommodate close to 5,000 people for the funeral of  leader of the Ceylon Workers' Congress Minister  Arumugam Thondaman, which was to be held at Kotagala Norwood Stadium tomorrow (May 31).

According to health sector recommendations, the maximum number of people who can attend the funeral is limited to 200.

The Ministry of Health has instructed to carry out Thondaman's funeral  in accordance with the quarantine rules. 

The Ministry of Health has informed the decision to Thondaman's family members and the Nuwara Eliya District Secretaries through the Public Administration Ministry in writing, Health Ministry internal sources say.

It has been revealed that plans had been made to provide water and shelters at  the Norwood Stadium where Thondaman's funeral is to be held with the participation of about 5,000 people.