Jun 03, 2020

Regional journalist who covered Thondaman's funeral, quarantined

Kotagala Public Health Inspector Saunder Raghavan said that three persons including a regional journalist who had covered the funeral of former minister - Arumugam Thondaman, have been quarantined.

The journalist from Dimbula, Hatton, is working as a regional journalist for several Tamil newspapers.

The other two persons quarantined include a driver and a resident of the journalist's home.

Noting that the journalist showed several symptoms of Covid-19, after the funeral, the PHI said that he was subjected to a PCR after going to the Dickoya Hospital.

Adding that he is to undergo a second PCR test after receiving the report of the initial test, the PHI said that until then, all three are being quarantined at their homes located  in the Dimbula area of Hatton.