Jun 05, 2020

‘Candidates informally displaying pref. numbers’ - CMEV

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence has charged that certain candidates are engaging in campaign activity along with their preferential numbers, despite the Election Commission being yet to formally issue preferential numbers for the upcoming general election.

Speaking to NewsRadio CMEV National Coordinator Manjula Gajanayake said several complaints have been lodged pertaining to reports of posters of certain candidates being displayed in some areas bearing preferential numbers, and posters published on social media also bearing the same.

Accordingly Gajanayake said the CMEV has requested the National Election Commission in writing, to probe the matter and take effective measures in this regard.

He noted that an election period was declared on the 2nd of March, adding however that preferential numbers are yet to be issued in light of the country facing the COVID-19 epidemic.

Gajanayake said the Election Commission however stated that the numbers would be issued in the near future.

Therefore he stressed that any display of preferential number at present, remains in violation of election law, further remarking that candidates cannot display their numbers before said numbers are formally announced.