Jun 06, 2020

A/L & scholarship exams postponed until September Featured

An official announcement on the dates of the GCE Advanced Level and Scholarship Examinations will be issued following the announcement of the election day on Monday (June 08).

Accordingly, the dates of the two exams will be announced in the coming week.

The A/L and scholarship exams are likely to be held in September, the government's Silumina newspaper reported.

363,278 candidates will sit for the GCE A/L examination this year.

Similarly schools are likely to open by the end of this month and an official announcement will be made in the next few days.

Ministry of Education grants money to schools for prevention of dengue as well

Meanwhile, the Secretary to Ministry of Education M H M Chithrananda says that schools are already ready to be reopened and all schools will be reopened as soon as the government announces the date.

The Ministry of Education has already allocated Rs. 338 million for the creation of a safe school environment from COVID-19 and Dengue and close to Rs. 200 million has already been distributed among schools, he added.