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Feb 12, 2017

Vehicle problem for Presidential Secretariat Featured

An issue has arisen due to the absence of proper maintenance of files into bullet-proof VIP vehicles at the presidential secretariat, ‘Ape Rata’ reports.

It is two years since president Maithripala Sirisena took office in 2015, but several vehicles belonging to the presidential secretariat remain unaccounted for.

There are records at the Presidential Secretariat that 69 cars used by Mahinda Rajapsaka when he was the president had been handed over to the Army.

However, officials are delaying an investigation by saying there is no tradition to do so.

There is suspicion that all these vehicles had been kept at the Salawa Army facility in Kosgama, which was gutted in a fire.

Meanwhile, officials appointed to the presidential secretariat by the present regime have been unable to find the owners of certain vehicles in the vehicles fool of the presidential secretariat.

Some of these vehicles had been imported for various projects without the payment of tariff duties.

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