Jun 22, 2020

2 prison guards interdicted over phones 

Two prison guards have been interdicted and handed over to the Police for providing mobile phones to inmates, Prisons sources said.

The two prison guards were attached to the Mahara and Matara Prisons. Meanwhile, an investigation has been launched over the detection of a mobile phone in the hands of another prison inmate at the Negombo Prison. 

The mobile phones had been provided by prison guards to drug convicts at the Mahara, Matara and Negombo prisons.

The Prisons Department has launched a major clean-up operation following the appointment of the new Commissioner General of Prisons last week. The President had issued orders to clean-up the prisons and stop the drug operations and corruption taking place from within prisons.

The Defence Secretary last week accused the majority of prison officials of being corrupt and called on the prison authorities to get their act together.