Jun 29, 2020

SL expatriates go back to work ; thousands lose jobs Featured

Sri Lankan expatriates who were hoping to return to Sri Lanka due to the Covid-19 pandemic, have returned to their jobs after several countries eased lockdown situations.

Speaking to media, spokesman of the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) - Kalyana Priya Ramanayake says that although these Sri Lankans were initially ready to return to the country but in the present backdrop, they have gone back to their jobs.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that those who have also returned to the country amid the height of the pandemic, are eager to go back to the countries they were employed.

20,000 have job problems

It is reported that nearly 20,000 Sri Lankans who had been employed in the Middle East region are facing severe issues including losing their jobs, due to the pandemic.

The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) Manager Kalyana Priya Ramanayake says that Sri Lankan expatriates are ready to come back to Sri Lanka during the lockdown period but with the reopening of the lockdown status, the Sri Lankans are looking for jobs.

It is also reported that the people who have come to Sri Lanka with the corona situation are also trying to return to the countries where the lockdown has been lifted.

Employment issues

Nearly 20,000 Sri Lankans working in the Middle East have been affected by the crisis, including the loss of jobs due to the Kovid 19 virus.

Meanwhile, it is said that nearly 30,000 persons who were anticipating to go abroad in the months of May and June for employment, have lost their jobs.