Jul 01, 2020

Search continues for corrupt PNB officer Featured

A special investigation is underway to arrest an Inspector of the Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB), who had led the operation to seize the 225kg heroin stash in Mahabage in mid May.
He had been appointed for this operation by the PNB.

This inspector has not reported for duty for 05 days now.

Investigation teams have seized a pistol and cash worth Rs. 150,000 which were concealed by this police inspector.

He had previously been charged with stealing gold and ICE drugs while attached to the Katunayake Airport Narcotics Bureau.

It is also reported that the person who had tipped him off about heroin stash from Pakistani drug peddlers has been identified.

Investigations have also revealed that the stash had arrived in two boats and 99 kilos of it were sold to Gihan Fonseka through another imprisoned racketeer, Camillus. Fonseka is the individual who is handling the drug rackets of 'Makandure Madush'.

Another 45 kilos of heroin from this stash has been sold by the team under the police inspector who is currently in hiding.

After packing these drugs into rice sacks, this officer had lied to the media saying that a drug stash of 'Kosgoda Tharaka' had been seized.

In addition, the CID has currently seized a dolphin model van in Karandeniya, which was used for the operations of the PNB. The van has been registered under the brother of the arrested police sergeant Weerasinghe and was given a monthly fee of Rs. 150,000.

A Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has arrested a Dolphin van rented by the Police Narcotics Unit in the name of Weerasinghe's brother who is currently in custody.

In addition, KDH van has been seized in Minuwangoda. According to recent reports, a jeep and a car have been seized as well.

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