Jul 19, 2020

SL at risk of not getting immediate tsunami warnings?

It is reported that tsunami warning towers in Sri Lanka are at a risk of not receiving immediate information as the agreement with the satellite company providing information has ended.

A total of 77 tsunami warning towers have been set up in 14 coastal districts across the country, with the highest number of 07 being set up in the Trincomalee district.

Warning signals from the International Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii were provided to Sri Lanka from a centre in India. However, the agreement with the US company, which obtained the relevant satellite data, had ended in January.

New twist?Meanwhile, the Director of the Disaster Management Center, Maj. Gen. Sudaththa Ranasinghe, is said to have avoided renewing the contract, claiming that the satellite satellite company had provided outdated technology.

It is said that he has done so to sign a similar agreement with a local telecommunications company. 

It is reported that Mr. Ranasinghe is still trying to get signals through 16 towers belonging to the relevant telecommunications company by deploying police and members of the armed forces.