Aug 08, 2020

Diana joins parliament from SJB National List!

The Samagi Jana Balawega has nominated members for the 7 National List seats.

Six of the nominees are former MPs and the only other nominee is Diana Gamage, the Deputy Secretary of the Samagi Jana Balawega.

She was the former chairperson of the Ranminitenna Tele Cinema village during the last government.

She is a lawyer, actress and a United National Party (UNP) provincial council candidate who also runs a foundation called the Diana Gamage Foundation.

She entered the art world as an actress in Sriyani Amarasena's 'Hemanthaye Wasanthayak' and later acted in 'Pushparaga' tele drama also produced by Shriyani. She also starred in Dandana Hewawitharana's 'Sihina Pauru' and Sirasa TV's popular comedy drama 'Yes Boss'.

These are the names who have been appointed as National List Members by the Samagi Jana Balawegaya.