Aug 28, 2020

'Karu didn't even pay the Rs. 5,000 monthly contribution' Featured

Former United National Party (UNP) MP - Sandith Samarasinghe states that Karu Jayasuriya had not contributed to the party fund since he was appointed as the Speaker of parliament.

All those in the UNP Parliamentarian group were required to contribute Rs. 5,000 on a monthly basis to the party fund.

In a statement, Sandith further said that attempts to portray Mr. Jayasuriya as a lifetime member of the party, were false and baseless.

He added that Mr. Jayasuriya's statement issued on Aug. 24 had also not mentioned that the latter was a member of the UNP.

“Nowhere in the statement issued by him did he mention that he is a member of the UNP,” Samarasinghe said.

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