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Feb 17, 2017

Maithri reveals his very first use of executive powers (video) Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena says his very first use of the executive powers was to remove the former chief justice.

He says that 24 hours after he became the executive president, that was on 10 January 2015, the top official in the Supreme Court met him in the night and appealed him not to remove him from the position promising that he would do his bidding.

President Sirisena says the only answer he gave him at the time was to deny having taken such a decision.

This made him think about how that person had given court rulings and on the next day too, he had come and pleaded him not to remove him, says the president.

The president says he understood that that person’s continuation at the topmost judicial position will be damaging to the independence of the judiciary and the country, and at that moment took the decision to remove him from the position.

He also says that critics of the government should first understand the difference between the system that had existed then and is existing now.

Speaking after opening a six-storey clinical building at Warakapola base hospital yesterday afternoon, he also said all sectors of the country have seen a transformation, with the judiciary becoming independent.

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