Sep 12, 2020

Hanthana land on sale : MP's daughter sued for destroying Hanthana Featured

The Hanthana Conservation Organization states that an area of about 20 acres in the upper part of the Hanthana mountain range in Kandy is being cleared for development purposes.

They are revealing that this is a water catchment area in the eastern part of Hanthana Uduwela Udagama.

Residents of the area complain that the said plot of land is located between 2500-3000 feet in the mountains and that the land is being cleared for sale and that the land is to be sold for Rs. 300,000 per perch.

Meanwhile, investigations are underway regarding the culprits who set fire to another 10 acres in the Hanthana Environmental Protection Zone.

The District Secretary inspected the area affected by the fire and officials of the Hanthana Conservation Organization also joined the visit.

Environmental groups say the arson is believed to have been carried out to seize government land.

Powerful MP's daughter sued for destroying Hanthana

Central Environment Authority (CEA) hasfiled a lawsuit against Chamindrani Kiriella, the daughter of Kandy District Parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella, for  clearing and burning of a portion of 19 acre plot of land in the Bolawatta Heerassagala Springhill State area in Hanthana Environmental Protection Area owned by her.

The first clearance of this land was reported to the CEA on August 30.
Following a field inspection, the CEA stopped the clearing of the land on September 10, said the Chairman of CEA S Amarasinghe.

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