Sep 13, 2020

Request to extend half salary regulation Featured

Employers have reportedly requested the government to extend regulations which required them to only pay either half salary or a minimum of Rs. 14,000 to their employees.

However, it is reported that the Minister of Labor has denied the request, stating that the concession was given to the employers, only till September and that industries have now picked up following the Covid-19 epidemic.

The majority of those who have made this request are said to be garment factories.

Noting that the Covid-19 epidemic has been brought under control, the Minister has told these employers that there is no hindrance to their industry and therefore, no reason to slash staff salaries now.

It is reported that the Minister has also received information on around 50 companies that are deliberately discouraging employees from coming to work by not providing transport facilities and overtime pay. He had said that measures in this regard will be taken soon.

Meanwhile, it is said that no action has been taken for five months regarding the complaints made by the employers to the Department of Labor regarding the slashing of employee benefits under the pretext of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Expressing his displeasure on this to officials, the minister has ordered them to submit a report stating the reasons for not taking action on the relevant complaints.