Sep 15, 2020

‘Only one repatriation flight allowed daily’

Chief of the National Operation Centre for Prevention of Covid-19 Outbreak Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva says a decision has been reached to allow only one repatriation flight to enter the country daily owing to a large number of Lankan returnees testing positive for Covid-19 over the past few days.

Speaking at a function at the Panagoda Army Camp, the Army Commander said Lankans overseas will be informed of the decision.

He added a considerable number of coronavirus patients are being treated at several hospitals at present, claiming that failure to adhere to health guidelines could result in grave circumstances.

The Army Commander said a stringent system will continue to be followed when repatriating groups of Lankans.

He assured that all steps needed to prevent a community outbreak of the coronavirus have been taken.

Army Commander Silva however added that citizens in the country have failed to take the threat of Covid-19 seriously, and urged the public to continue to adhere to health guidelines until the threat of the virus is combatted.