Sep 22, 2020

2 Muslim rice traders arrested in Polonnaruwa

Two leading millionaire rice traders in Polonnaruwa were arrested by the CID yesterday (21).

They had obtained Rs. 56 million worth of paddy from Sathosa on the promise of supplying rice but had failed to do so.

The two traders had obtained the stocks of paddy in 2017 and it has been revealed that the then Trade Minister - Rishad Bathiudeen had been involved in the incident.

Investigations have revealed that one trader had obtained paddy worth Rs. 33 million and the other had obtained Rs. 23 million worth of paddy.

After conducting investigations for some time, CID officers had left for Polonnaruwa yesterday (21) to arrest the suspects. Investigations will continue while detaining the suspects.

Further investigations are underway to arrest another trader who had fled the country after defrauding Rs. 30 million in connection with this incident.

(Source - Divaina)