Sep 26, 2020

Over 50B NGO money misused

It is reported that more than Rs. 50 billion received by the country through foreign aided non-governmental organizations (NGOs) has been misused and some of that money has been used to spreadextremism and engage in activities that threaten national security.

Most of this money has been received through 280 NGOs.

There are 404 national level NGOs receiving foreign aid and 1,245 organizations at the national level receiving and seeking foreign assistance  registered in the country and out of those 1,644 organizations, 660 are currently in active status.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has found that Rs.13 million had been sent by an illegal organization in Qatar to the account of Hijaz Hizbullah's NGO 'Save the Pearl'.

Investigations have shown that most NGOs spend about 20% of their funds on projects and use the remaining 80% for their own work.

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