Sep 26, 2020

30 acres of Adiyagala forest reserve torched Featured

It is reported that about 30 acres of the Adiyagala forest reserve in the Morawewa area in Trincomalee has been set on fire.

Residents say several organized groups have carried out the deforestation.

This destruction has taken place despite the declaration of 3055 hectares belonging to the Adiyagala Hinna forest as a forest reserve by the Gazette Notification No. 1784/10 dated September 12, 2012.

In this regard, the Department of Wildlife Conservation states that organized groups who arrive from other areas  bring in hired personnel to clear the forest.
It is further reported that the deforestation has been carried out with the intention of cultivating chenas and the facts have been reported to the Trincomalee Magistrate's Court to arrest the suspects.