Sep 28, 2020

Travel ban issued on ‘MT New Diamond’ captain (Update)

Colombo Chief Magistrate today (28) imposed a travel ban on the Captain of the oil tanker ‘MT New Diamond’.

However, the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court dismissed a request by the Attorney General to place the captain of the ‘MT New Diamond’ vessel in remand custody.

Chief Magistrate Mohamad Mihail informed that a Magistrate Court is not vested with the powers to announce such a verdict and stated stated that a verdict of this nature can be issued by a High Court.


(Last update : Sep. 28, 2020, 13.47)

AG seeks order to remand MT New Diamond captain

The Attorney General has requested the Colombo Chief Magistrate to remand the Captain of the fire stricken ‘MT New Diamond’ vessel, under provisions of the Prevention of Marine Pollution Act of 2008.

The Captain of the ‘MT New Diamond’ vessel, a Greek national appeared before the Colombo Chief Magistrate, this morning.

During today’s hearing, the Deputy Solicitor General appearing on behalf of the Attorney General requested court to remand the captain of the vessel, citing concerns that the Greek national may abscond court.

Accordingly, the decision pertaining to the request will be pronounced at 2pm today.

On the 17th of September, Colombo Additional Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage issued notice on the Captain of the Oil tanker to appear before court.

Summons were issued based on a request made by the Criminal Investigations Department pertaining to the fire reported on the oil tanker that was carrying oil from a port in Kuwait to India.

A fire broke out on the Panamanian registered fuel tanker on the 3rd of September due to an engine room explosion, 35 nautical miles off the coast of Sangaman Kanda Point.

A Joint effort by the Sri Lanka Navy, Air Force and Indian Navy succeeded in dousing the flames.

However, one crew member, an individual from the Philippines died in the incident while several others sustained injuries.

The vessel is currently located in deep seas around 67 nautical miles away from the coast of Batticaloa.

Meanwhile, the owners of the Panamanian Crude Oil Tanker ‘MT New Diamond’ have agreed to fully settle, the compensation claim of government stakeholders for Rs.442 million in costs incurred to douse the flame and estimated costs of marine environment pollution caused by the disaster.


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