Feb 21, 2017

A HR manager without OL qualification Featured

The acting human resources manager of the Tea Smallholdings Authority is not even GCE ordinary level exam qualified.

When Harshan de Silva joined the public service in 1987, the minimum enrollment qualification had been six passes, including for Sinhala and maths, at the exam.

However, he managed only two credits and five simple passes, while failing in maths, at the 1979 exam.

Given below is his result sheet:

olDoc 001

The Attorney General’s Department found de Silva not qualified and issued the following letter:

ODoc 002 01 1

ODoc 002 01 2

ODoc 002 01 3

When he joined the Authority as an assistant project manager, he had given false information, saying he has passed the GCE Advanced Level exam.

Doc 003

The internal audit found him not A/L qualified too.

Doc 004 01

Doc 004 002

Await more on de Silva, who has committed many wrongdoings at the Authority.