Oct 14, 2020

Army Chief urges factories, offices to follow health guidelines Featured

Army Chief Lt. General Shavendra Silva yesterday urged all factories, organisations and offices, both private and state-owned, to strictly adhere to the health guidelines issued to them by the Health Ministry in order to prevent a further spread of the COVID-19 within their workforce.

Silva told Daily Mirror that these health guidelines which include wearing face masks, washing hands and maintaining social distance should be practiced immediately, especially in factories where there was a large number of employees. "Factories are presently working but if they take all the precautions then the risk of COVID-19 spreading is less if they have all the health practices in place.

Especially factories that have a large number of employees, they must try to ensure that they have all health systems in place. They must speak to their employees and inform them that even where they lodge, they have to maintain these basic health guidelines," Silva said.

"At this moment, all managements must try to aim that within their organisations, no one gets infected with the coronavirus," he added. Till last evening, the Minuwangoda cluster linked to the Brandix factory had reached above 1,440 which include seven Brandix workers who were detected from their other branches including their head office in Kollupitiya.

These workers tested positive after a large scale PCR testing was done at the Brandix head office in Kollupitiya on Monday, where employees from its other branches were also transported.

Health officials said all seven were residing outside Colombo.With the latest seven patients testing positive yesterday along with three more individuals from Borella last morning, the total number of positive cases from Colombo has shot up to 16, public health officers said, adding that health officers from the Colombo Municipal Council had already begun random PCR tests to evaluate if a community spread of the virus had begun. On Monday 200 workers of the Fort Railway Station were tested while yesterday PCR tests were conducted in the Dematagoda area.