20 sent on compulsory leave: Minister says no cause for panic



Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said that 20 Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) workers who did not report for duty today (29) have been sent on compulsory leave. 

Speaking at a special press conference held at the Ministry this morning, the minister said that these employees have been banned from entering the CPC premises.

Minister Wijesekera said that there is no cause for panic over a fuel shortage and that distribution will continue as usual. He assured that there will be no queues again.

Meanwhile, the minister said that Sri Lanka has the highest amount of fuel reserves after four years. Commenting further, the minister said there’s no need to worry about a fuel shortage. 

“Many people had the experience of waiting in queues in March and April last year. Today, we have been able to get rid of fuel queues after one year and we are providing electricity continuously. Therefore, we request the people not to panic. I believe that we have the highest amount of fuel reserves in the period of 4-5 years. Orders have been placed for more shipments and we have received funds to pay for these. There were several issues yesterday which made the people panic. On the other hand, some fuel station owners wait without ordering fuel hoping for a price revision. They are contracted to maintain a minimum stock of fuel in their warehouses. Therefore, it is requested once again to make arrangements to maintain it. Place the order accordingly and we can make the delivery with the support of the police and special task force…,” he said.


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