Oct 28, 2020

Jeep with Rs. 265,000 monthly rent for ITN chairman Featured

Employees of the cash strapped state TV - Independent Television Network (ITN) have reportedly raised objections against a vehicle being rented at a staggering Rs. 265,000 per month.

The vehicle has been rented for the use of ITN chairman - Mr. Sudath Rohana.

A land cruiser (NW CPA 7744) has been rented for the ITN chairman in this manner, despite a brand new Nissan Bluebird being already reserved for his use.

Expenses exceeding income

This is being done despite over Rs. 160 million is yet to be paid by the channel to producers who had provided teledramas to the channel, internal sources say.

Also, Rs.150 million is spent every month for salaries although the channel's monthly income is just around Rs. 60 - 80 million. Around Rs. 40 million is provided monthly from the Treasury to maintain the channel, sources add.

Sudath involved in new teledrama!

Meanwhile, it is also said that a new teledrama is being created for the channel on the approval of the ITN chairman.

The production, which was recently shot in Anuradhapura, features Champa Sriyani as the lead role.

It is reported that Mr. Sudath Rohana also participated in its supervision activities.

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