Nov 14, 2020

Sydney Chandrasekara passed away

Journalist and veteran artist Sydney Chandrasekara has  passed away this morning (Nov. 14).

Late Mr. Sidney Chandrasekara, was 61-years-old at the time of his demise.

He commenced his career as a journalist from Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and was a past pupil of Ananda College in Colombo.

Chandrasekara who created many popular teledramas in Sri Lanka held many important positions in the field of media in the country.

Sidney Chandrasekara, who made a difference in the art of writing lyrics in the country, was renowned for his many creations.

He was also the lyricist of the “Nagitimu Sri Lanka” theme song.

Among his latest songs are the theme songs of popular teledramas, “Ananthayen a Tharu Kumara,” “Prema Dadayama,” and “Me Adarayai Me Adaraya” which were telecast on Sirasa TV.

Late Mr. Sydney Chandrasekara served as a consultant for News 1st.